You're wasting time.

What does your daily routine look like? Do you even have a routine? Do you just go through life doing whatever you feel like? You need to remember that you have a choice. You have a choice to manage your time effectively, and make the most of your day. You also have the choice to just wake up, and go about your day, doing whatever, letting circumstance take control and dictate your actions.

When you take charge of your days, put thought into a rough blueprint of what needs to get done, and act accordingly, you will accomplish more. You don’t need to have a plan down to the minute, but if you have 3 things that need to get done, do them. Put distractions to the side, power through it, and move on to the next.

Here are your three lessons for the day:

  1. Prioritize your tasks 🔝 Start your day by taking care of the big tasks first. Go to the gym, call that client, etc. Focus on your top priorities first. Don’t let less important tasks consume your valuable time and energy.

  2. Develop a daily routine 🕖 Building a routine will help you take control of your day and ensure that you’re consistently working towards your goals.

  3. Cut your distractions and stay focussed 🎯 It’s too easy to let distractions consume your days and prevent you from accomplishing what you need to get done. Identify your common distractions and cut them out. Put your phone on DND and stop endlessly scrolling into oblivion.

The choice is yours. We only get one lifetime. Will your lifetime consist of accomplishment and fulfillment? Or will it consist of time wasted?

Regards and keep moving forward,

Derick, The Founder’s Frontier

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