You will never be perfect.

But you can try.

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As a daily reader of The Founder’s Frontier, you are on a trajectory that leads to the top 1% in your field. Each morning, you deliberately choose to open this email on your phone and take in the raw, unfiltered lessons designed to guide you to the peaks of success.You possess unique qualities that set you apart from the rest. While these traits give you an edge, they also present certain challenges that need to be addressed.

A common side-effect of this relentless journey to excellence is the relentless pursuit of perfection. The thing is, it doesn’t exist. You're blinded by the pursuit of an illusion. You've been so fixated on chasing perfection that it's clouding your judgment, stagnating your progress, and possibly even eroding your self-esteem. Yes, it's high time you confronted this reality - Perfection is a mirage.

It's time for a reality check: perfection is not the goal, it's a misleading distraction.

Here are your lessons:

1. The Mirage of Perfection: 🌈 Perfection is a seductive concept, but it's ultimately an illusion. The world is imperfect, and so are we. Chasing after perfection can lead to disappointment, frustration, and an unhealthy fixation on faults and flaws.

2. Pursuit of Excellence: 🏆 Excellence, on the other hand, is both attainable and sustainable. It's about performing to the best of your ability, striving for continuous improvement, and taking pride in your progress. When you aim for excellence, you're not comparing yourself against an impossible ideal but against your past self.

3. From Perfection to Excellence: 🔄 It's time to shift your focus from perfection to excellence. This doesn't mean lowering your standards, but refining them. Aim to do your best rather than be the best. Learn from your mistakes instead of agonizing over them. Value progress over perfection.

Over the weekend, I want you to reassess your goals and expectations. Are you pursuing perfection or excellence? Are you stifling your growth in an attempt to attain the unattainable? Remember, perfection is a dead-end, but the pursuit of excellence is a journey that leads to success.

Regards, and keep moving forward.

Derick, The Founder’s Frontier

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