Your hate will hold you back.

It's true, along your path, you might face instances where you are wronged. It's inevitable and part of life's rich tapestry. But how you interpret and respond to these events can tremendously impact your journey to success.

Here are your four lessons:

The Power of Forgiveness: This isn't merely an act of goodwill towards the one who wronged you; it's about retaining your energy for the bigger picture - your aspirations. Dwelling on resentments can distract and drain you. Forgiveness allows you to keep your eyes on the prize, undeterred and undistracted.

Shifting Perspectives: Think long-term. Will this incident impact your ultimate objective? Most likely not. Then why let it influence your present state of mind and actions? This shift in perspective keeps you agile and focused on what truly matters - your objectives.

Extract the Lesson: Every situation, however unpleasant, carries a lesson. Identify it, learn from it, and apply it to your future actions. This way, you're not just moving forward; you're moving forward smarter.

The Art of Mindful Detachment: Acknowledge the wrong done, but don't let it anchor you to the past. Allow it to pass like a cloud. This freedom from past incidents keeps you dynamic, ready to seize the opportunities of the present.

When you're driving somewhere, it's important to glance at the rearview mirror, but what happens if you keep looking at it? You'll miss the road ahead and eventually lose your way and prob crash into something. Similarly, holding onto past wrongs might cloud your vision, veering you off your path towards success.

Remember, the past serves as a lesson, not a life sentence. Don't let it overshadow your aspirations or cloud your judgement. Instead, use it as fuel to drive you forward on your road to success.

Regards, and keep moving forward.

Derick, The Founder’s Frontier

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